Text: Uwe und Manfred
Musik: Manfred

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vgl. dazu die 1997er Originalversion "Fever"

by Splunge! 1997-2000

Another night that you are here
And I wonder just how the minutes fly
Another week, another year
Watching the time passing by

All I need is your breath and I lose control
All I need is to stay by your side to win it all

    Got the fever - you know I can't explain
    Got the fever - feel it coming again
    Got the fever for you

When I recall I cannot tell
What my life ever looked like without you
And don't you think it's just as well
Though I wonder what I used to do

Don't know what I've missed, where has all that time gone?
Who put you on my list anyway? What have I won?

   Got the fever...

When I reflect I could have been so free I wonder why I did
Waste all my precious time with you instead, Press me into that grid

But I won't forget our wonderful way
And I know I shall never regret a single day

   Got the fever...

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