Text: Manfred
Musik: Manfred

download "When the Time is Right"

by Splunge! 2000

Every minute, every day
Year by year the same old way
You know what I mean
Same old faces, same old guys
Think they know you all the time

Father, mother, try to say
What's the one and only way
It's hard to believe
Everything is history
Unknown new reality

Someone asks you, "Hey, what's going on?"

    When the time is right - everything's easy
    You can win the fight - never look back
    When the feeling's right - everything is looking so good

Look at yourself, accept your style
When it's time, rest for a while
To think about it
Change direction, there's a way
Ask yourself, what would your heart say?

Being loved is great, but try
To love yourself and feel so high
Where's your self-reliance?
Being honest to yourself means
Being honest to your friends

Someone asks you, "Hey, that's you?"

    When the time is right...

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