Text: Manfred
Musik: Manfred

download "Who are you?"

by Splunge! 2000

You are a super hero
You make the world go round

Everybody's looking up to you

You have authority
You have a strong position
Do you think that all your dreams come true?

    Can't you see
    You're not free
    Why do people think this is the only way to be?

    Is it you
    Is it me
    Try to keep your heart, your mind, your individuality

You have to reach their goal
Their wish is your command
You expect a great deal from yourself

You are a human puppet
Someone else is pulling strings
Because they want you and their wealth

    Can't you see...

Try to remember who you are
Try to consider from afar
When did give up dreaming
Where did you lose your feeling
Try to get them back to you

   Can't you see...

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