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Musik: Alex
Text: Alex und Uwe

© Schlagsaite 2000

Alex: Westerngitarre (Solo) und Gesang
Thomas: Klavier
Peter: Streicher und Background
Uwe: Background

Oh Franzi, your face is on my mind
Since you threw me out I feel like I am blind
I know I should forget about the pain
And start over again

Do you know how sometimes I realize
After quite a while those strange feelings rise
Haven't thought about you since last Saturday
I get along anyway

But still there is something
That's hiding in my mind
That makes me think of you

Oh, I have loved you
And it seems I love you still
Oh, don't you think it's true

Oh Franzi, I cannot live with you
But without you there's still nothing to do
Well, everything I had to give you of my love
It still was not enough

And all over a sudden
You want to get right, I see
You took me by surprise, accepting me

Oh, I will love you
There's a lot to figure out

Oh, let's talk it through
Oh, I will love you

Let's not deny our yesterdays
Oh, let's start anew

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